Return Policy

In what condition do we accept product exchange and/or refund?

myrezqy customers are allowed to return products within 7 calendar days from receiving shipment date under the following circumstances:

a) Manufacturing defects.

b) and its vendor(s) delivered the wrong item.

c) Products that have a 3 month warranty description will be honoured.


Product return policy and procedures

(a) Stay Calm and Contact Us. In the event of customer complain or a request for return or refund, please contact our Whatsapp Customer Service team at 019-4423523 or Our support team is available Mondays - Fridays, 9am - 6pm.


(b) What do we need to verify that the item is allowed for exchange or return?

In most cases, we will need your help to get a few photo or video (handphone standard is sufficient, no need studio photography) of the item, show us where is the problem and we will get it processed. Off course, we will need to know the order ID too.


(b) (i) How to send the item back to us?

 Once our support team confirms the return, we shall send you a digital consignment note (Pos Laju). Buyers shall be required to print the digital consignment note and paste it on the return parcel. We will arrange Pos Laju to pick up the item from buyer’s address. If buyer prefers us to pick up the return item from another address like their work place, please do let us know too.


(ii) How to pack the return parcel?

 Please be reminded, buyer must ensure that the parcel has all the items including the packaging in it. Make sure the parcel is not see-through and is well sealed. Paste the consignment note on the parcel.


(c) Exchange or Refund?

We will suggest buyer to accept product exchange as a first option. In any case, buyer shall have the option to either get refund for the item's amount paid as stated in the sales order, or product replacement (same SKU). However, in the event where the particular item is out of stock, myrezqy’s vendor(s) shall refund the amount and liaise with the buyer.


(d) How long does it take?

The product return or refund normally takes about 7-14 working days to complete. But it takes two to tango, we need to work as a team to resolve the issue. Help us get the necessary information and myrezqy will try our very best to shorten the process.


(e) Communication with buyer.

myrezqy does not liaise with end users. Vendor(s) will solely be responsible to liaise directly with buyers because they are the point of contact.


(f) Delivery cost.

Delivery cost for returning item shall be borne by buyer provided that they follow the procedure of using our digital consignment note. myrezqy’s vendor(s) shall also bear the cost of sending the item back to the buyer (where necessary).


(g) Buyer from countries other than Malaysia.

The verification process is similar to Malaysia-to-Malaysia returns. myrezqy’s vendor(s) will still bear the return cost if it meets the Product Return Policy requirements. The only difference is we will use other courier service company and the process will take up to 30 days depending on buyer location and stock availability (worst case scenario). In the case of refund, we shall refund in the same currency in which buyer paid myrezqy.


Refund or replacement will not be applicable for the following situations:

a) Missing Original packaging

b) Any item that has been worn, or altered.

c) Used items (for cosmetic and other personal items such as undergarments, adult toys).