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About myrezqy is a halal based web platform created as an assistance for the existing and new businesses (rural, startups and established entrepreneurs) to further strengthen their economic stability plus to highlight halal products and services across the globe. It was established from the ideas and the needs to empower and to enrich the lives of selected under privilege (asnaf), orphans, single parents and disables. The aim of this platform is not to profit from sales and commissions but to encourage corporate and successful businesses to work together specifically in building a strong economic driven society through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and initiatives besides assigning a group of trained "Sales Task Force" in aiding vendors. 

As a CSR program initiator, we at believe that “The more you give, the more you’ll get” as the best practice for people to live a healthy, happier and richer lives.

myrezqy strategic partners are the our most valuable assets. We take into account that besides corporate and successful entrepreneurs; our partners include:

  1. Corporate, Entrepreneurs and Vendors 
  2. Welfare Society
  3. Government
  4. State Islamic Department

For further details, please click HERE.

As initially stated, myrezqy is a halal based platform. At, we offer advantages to rural entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses for them to enrich KNOWLEDGE and empowering SUCCESS chances as our stakeholders. This include:

  1. Delivering entrepreneurial knowledge and Sales Task Force for free or at least at a minimal charge 
  2. Assisting on the online marketing aspects for all products and services within the HALAL group
  3. Impart personal coaching with business owner(s) for those who prefers privacy
  4. To train, develop and improve the "selected" asnaf, orphans and single parent economic status
  5. To assist in planning business routes by the empowerment of finance, production, marketing, logistics, sales and up to matters that concern management practices
  6. Support services in recommending and assigning suitable agents for each businesses in order to add value by offering a chance to make extra side income specifically for higher learning institution students while they are still pursuing their studies and so forth
  7. To open up another way of doing business, to become more profitable and to advertise products and services on portal where promotions are all done by myrezqy via online or offline. uses a simple straight forward business model for smooth business transactions. There are two ways of doing business with myrezqy:

  1. Become a registered vendor with a one-time fee annually (packages available), or
  2. By participating in CSR projects and initiatives.

To get a clear picture on business model, take a look HERE.

Yes. is a legitimate business platform administered by Mindset Plus Resources (SSM Reg. No: AS 0370099-K), incorporated in Malaysia with a registered address at Taman Kempas, 06010 Changlun, Kedah. 

Mindset Plus Resources is a business entity majoring in training and development, coaching, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, program and project management.

For related information, kindly click HERE. website : 24/ 7

Customer Service:

Sunday - Thursday : 9.00 am - 6.00 pm

Friday - Saturday : 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Public Holiday : 1.00 pm - 7.00 pm

No. Not at this moment. Currently, we do not offer shares or percentile to any stakeholders as we are a CSR halal based platform.

No. myrezqy is not part of any agency, organization or political party. We do not endorse such activities to be practiced by our staff even the management in relation to our business.

Products and Services

Our core segmentation is based on HALAL products and services. At my, halal covers:

  1. E-Halal – Halal food and beverages certified by Malaysia JAKIM and Halal Development Corporation (HDC).
  2. Men’s and women’s clothing – Tops, jackets, coats, pants, dresses, shirts and t-shirts, and including Muslim Boutique (ie: Long dress, hijab and prayer wear), etc.
  3. Electronics and gadgets
  4. Baby and kid’s
  5. Home Improvement and decor
  6. Vehicle accessories
  7. Health and beauty

For services, we welcome:

  1. Human capital development programs
  2. Hard skills training – Communication, IT, etc.

Not everything that exists can be sold on, that’s the first thing you need to know before you start selling anything here. It is mandatory for the sellers / vendors to check the specific rules and conditions of their listings, there is a list of restricted and prohibited items, before selling the seller / vendor has to make sure that his item complies to and Malaysian trade laws, consequently if the guidelines are not met it is at the risk of being removed and the seller / vendor is at the risk of being subjected to a range of other actions, which include restrictions of their buying and selling privileges and suspension of the account.


  1. Prohibited services
  2. Real estate
  3. Insurance
  4. Multilevel Marketing (MLM) and quick rich schemes
  5. Recalled items
  6. Slot machines
  7. Stamps
  8. Stocks and other securities
  9. Stolen property
  10. Surveillance equipment
  11. Tobacco
  12. Travel
  13. Political memorabilia (reproduction)
  14. Prescription drugs
  15. Pesticides
  16. Plants and seeds
  17. Police-related items

And much more, the list can be seen on the PROHIBITED ITEMS page.

Yes. Among services offered at include (terms and conditions applied):

  1. Free Online Advertising and Promotion (A&P)
  2. Free and minimal paid Training and Developmental Programs
  3. Personal Coaching session
  4. Free Basic Company Website Development
  5. Free Product and Service Listing

For more services, please CONTACT US.

Yes and No.

Yes – For products and services that have limited capacity and available only for Malaysia Market.

No – For products and services that can adhere to demands abroad (example vendor who has capability in accepting and delivering bulk orders). For this type of vendor, we provide promotional services to market their products globally. 

No. We do not keep any stocks from our vendors as we are a CSR halal based platform provider, our duties only permit us to provide business space and facilities. 

As an important part of myrezqy Customer Protection Policy, we strictly encourage vendors to ensure products to be sold at covers these particulars (the least):

  1. Product name
  2. Appropriate product pricing
  3. Expiry date (if any)
  4. Product content / material
  5. Endorsement – Halal, MESTI, HACCP (where applicable)
  6. Nutritional Fact (where applicable)
  7. Warning sign – example include reminder of allergies effect or poisonous content or hand wash material
  8. Product functions
  9. Contact details


Vendor system at myrezqy is a very simple and straight forward system. To make it simple for our future vendor, the strategies used are more towards:

  1. B2C – Business to Customer, and
  2. B2B – Business to Business

The spillover effect from these strategies can create great impact on economic transformation for the:

  1. Needy
  2. Rural entrepreneurs
  3. Startups, and
  4. Growing SMI (Small and Medium Industry)

Thus, it can create more job opportunities and chances of at least making a side income earning

The system incorporating:

  1. marketplace
  2. customers
  3. vendors

While the process flow is highly of importance, the content of the process itself creates the essence of which backboned the business in myrezqy. These include:

  1. Customers place orders
  2. Vendors receive orders
  3. Vendors ship orders
  4. Customers receive orders

Detailed flow chart is here at VENDOR SYSTEM.

The registration fees are paid annually (only once a year). Registration fees at myrezqy serve two major purposes. Since is a halal based marketplace, the main reason for the registration fees are to ensure a win-win situation for both operator and the stakeholders (corporates, entrepreneurs and vendors). The two major purposes are:

  1. For CSR initiatives, projects and programs
  2. For operational purposes (web maintenance and upgrades, administration, promotions and advertising)

Again, we emphasize that neither of these fees are treated as profit nor as an advantage for management team. But in return, we offer assistance for our stakeholders in these areas:

  1. TAX reduction – On all CSR initiatives, projects and programs*
  2. FREE online advertising and promotion services
  3. Commission FREE marketplace for all vendors (no commission charged on sales and profits)
  4. FREE programs and short courses (where applicable – Terms and conditions applied)
  5. FREE advertising space in platform for stakeholders

Information details are attached here in REGISTRATION FEES FLOW.

*Note: For tax reduction purposes, currently we only provide proof of payment (CSR) and the parties involve are solely responsible for their claims. This service will be upgraded soon to help stakeholders in claiming tax reduction with the IRS!

Any interested parties within the HALAL market segmentation.

No and Yes.

No – There are no special requirements to be a vendor in myrezqy.

Yes – There are of course, some requirements to be met for those who are interested to be a vendor.  It is compulsory for all vendor to supply these documentation:

  1. Business Registration Certificate (SSM)
  2. Business Banking Account Number

All documents are to be submitted to (Attn: Admin)

Currently, interested parties are encouraged to whatsapp or call 019 4423 523 for further information. We are in the middle of upgrading our system to ease up vendor registration online through in the near future. Soon, everyone will be notified via web advertisement space.

Each vendor has certain number of products and/ or services that can be sold at myrezqy marketplace. It all depends on package chosen during registration. The number of products can start from 1 up to maximum of 1000 items per each vendor. myrezqy do not deliberately force our vendors to choose package but we encourage vendors to select the one that suits their specific affordability and business needs. Remember, we are a halal based platform.

Any interested parties can choose between:

  1. Package A - Register as vendor at a minimal annual fees.
  2. Package B - CSR project/ program organizer. 

Vendors will receive payouts within 3-5 days (working days only) after sales delivery is confirmed provided that there are no returns or cancellation.


Payment methods that are currently available at myrezqy are:

Online – Bank transfer and online payment


Offline – Maybank Islamic (Cash Deposit Machine -CDM)

Credit and debit card – Paypal

Our banking and finance partner include:

  1. Maybank Berhad
  2. CIMB Bank Berhad
  3. RHB Bank Berhad
  4. Paypal Holdings, Inc.

Please click on our BANKING PARTNER.

For the most part, payments made on myrezqy is safe when you use it to send money and even making payments via credit or debit cards. Nothing is completely risk-free – glitches and data breaches are possible anywhere – but we provide enough security (and consumer protection) built-in to keep you relatively safe online.

Data security: myrezqy’s website is secure and encrypted. As long as you have a secure connection to the legitimate myrezqy site, any information you exchange is hidden from prying eyes. myrezqy uses all of the same security features that you’d expect from any large financial institution to shield from vulnerabilities. It could get hacked, but it’d be tough.

A layer of protection: If you’ve ever used your credit card online (thieves can find your bank account and routing numbers on any personal check), you’ve taken just as much risk as you take when you provide that information to myrezqy.

At, we advise our customers and vendors to be aware of the security of our website. Before you type payment details into our website, ensure that the site is secure. Look out for a small padlock symbol in the address bar (or elsewhere in your browser window) and a web address beginning with https:// (the s stands for 'secure').

Click HERE to see the examples.

Please be ensure that our website and all of its payment methods are safe and encrypted and we link our payment methods directly to our banking and finance partners not via third party software or payment gateway.

Vendor will get paid only after delivery is confirmed. reserves the right to hold any payout claims made by vendor in the event of:

  1. Delivery made more than 24-48 hours from the date of orders received
  2. Vendor did not send delivery report or confirmation after delivery was made
  3. Vendor supply false products and dubious business information during application
  4. Bank account number provided is invalid
  5. Vendor do not have the capability to deliver orders

Please take into account, if vendors are found breaching VENDOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS, we will not hesitate to remove vendors from our vendors and products listing.

However, if the delivery is made on time and myrezqy is properly informed, payout will be made as immediate as possible. myrezqy will notify vendors once payout is confirmed and it will be transferred directly to vendor’s account or via bank in (if the amount is a large sum).


Since is a halal based marketplace, there will be charges for product shipment (where applicable). As to date, shipment is available for Malaysia market only (international market will be notified soon). We are upgrading our shipping methods and shipping partners.

In short, the shipping charges are divided into:

  1. Peninsular Malaysia
  2. Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak)
  3. Free shipping*

For now, the charges are standardized based on Pos Laju Malaysia’s shipping rate. Please refer HERE.

*Note: Free shipping is available upon promotional events.

myrezqy shipping partner is Pos Laju Malaysia.

No. myrezqy do not provide product shipment abroad at the moment. But if unless there are bulk orders from any foreign countries, we will take it under consideration (provided that the transaction is genuine).

At myrezqy, there will be no stock keeping and as such vendors are solely and fully responsible for products and services delivery.

The best response time for product delivery is within 24 hours after product orders has been received. But myrezqy, fairly given vendors between 24-48 hour time to ensure that deliveries are made within stipulated time frame.

Yes. Vendors are encouraged to inform myrezqy on the service charges via other shipping operators or vendors can opt to use the same charges from myrezqy shipping method.

You will receive your order(s) within 3-4 working days. In case if your order(s) did not reach you within this time frame, please do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp at : 019 4423 523.

Affiliate (Coming Soon!)

Yes, myrezqy opens our affiliate program to the public. By becoming an affiliate, you are automatically appointed as the product agents for any vendors chosen.

Please refer to our AFFILIATE TERMS.

Anyone age 18 and above. We encourage university and higher learning institution students to grab the opportunity to earn some pocket money.

There will be a minimal fee of RM15 only as a commitment fee (refundable if active within 3 months). Dormant affiliate account will be given six month duration before their account get closed due to an inactivity (if any). 

Yes. Affiliates are automatically appointed as vendors’ agents depending on which vendor chosen.

Affiliates will be paid at least between 5%-10% for each products sold and delivered. Commission will be paid via electronic account transfer or otherwise stated by vendors or product owners.

Yes. There is no restriction or whatsoever for affiliates to sell more than one product.

Promotion and Marketing

Initially, myrezqy can only fully support and get involve in online promotional and marketing activities. In the event of offline promotion and marketing, we do offer our assistance to work along side by side with our stakeholders. Please be informed that WE ARE NOT RUNNERS for any campaigns but we will help in branding activities relating to CSR initiatives, projects and programs.

No. myrezqy is not restricted to any types of promotion and marketing campaign activities. We too will get involve in promotional and marketing activities held by our stakeholders. We do both:

  1. Online promotion and marketing
  2. Offline promotion and marketing (Terms and conditions apply)

All. This include:

  1. Stakeholders (corporates, entrepreneurs and vendors)
  2. Media
  3. Social Network (Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter)
  4. Online advertiser (Google Ads and Facebook Ads)

Sales Task Force

The Sales Task Force in are a selected group of trained Sales Team that is assigned to assists in generating sales and profit for our registered vendor(s). Basically, our Sales Task Force are divided in two groups:

1. Internal Sales Task Force - Generally selling and promoting every products and services listed on

2. Special Sales Task Force -  Assigned to sells and promotes specific products or services, provided that vendor(s) imparted complete product knowledge for to train this particular group (terms and conditions apply). 

The Sales Task Force comprises of our targeted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs participants. They are the selected under privilege (asnaf), orphans, single parents and the disables that are and will be trained by in effective basic sales and marketing techniques. 

Yes and No.

Yes - For Special Sales Task Force, registered vendor(s) are required to pay a fee (a very minimal cost) for 20 pax of trained Sales Task Force (Kindly contact for further details).

No - For Internal Sales Task Force.

However, vendor(s) are encouraged to execute an appropriate commission structure for the Special Sales Task Force.

Each Sales Task Force has different number of manpower in each respective group. Shown below are the designated members for our Sales Task Force: 

1. Internal Sales Task Force - Between 5 to 10 pax per group.

2. Special Sales Task Force - Maximum of 20 pax per group.